Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder (Calla lily)
Zantedeschia Schwarzwalder (Calla lily)

Zantedeschias or Calla lilies also go by the names of arum lily, trumpet lily or pig lily. These stunning flowers originate from the shores of lakes in southern Africa, they are pleasingly easy to grow here from bulbs or rhizomes.  Summer flowering in sun or partial shade, they thrive in moist but well-drained soil in borders or containers.

Zantedeschia schwarzwalder is the 'Black Forest' variety which offers trumpet-shaped flowers of the deepest maroon, more than a touch of the dramatic. The flower is formed from spathes of rich, deep maroon edged trumpets with an almost black centre. Luxurious looking blooms are offset by the excitement going on underneath. Glossy, arrow-head shaped leaves covered in speckles of white, given the flowers, it is perhaps unsurprising that the leaves needed to compete for attention. 

Calla lilies are available in colours that include purple, white, green, pink, orange or yellow.


Position: Full Sun - Half Shade

Colour: Dark Purple

Flowering period: Summer

Hardiness: Semi Hardy

Height: 60cm

Bulb Size: 28cm +

Planting period: From 1st frost to early summer

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