Zantedeschia 'Red Sox' Calla Lily
Zantedeschia 'Red Sox' Calla Lily

Zantedeschia Red Sox Calla Lily is a stunner. These elegant funnel shaped flowers invite you in to a deep red atrium formed by a single petal blending to a delicate cream at its base where it proudly joins its single stem. Red Sox's foliage is no less striking then the flower itself with broad green leaves speckled with cream throughout. If your Calla lilies are destined to be cut flowers or border beauties, your summer will be enhanced by having them part of it. 

Calla lillies are fabulous in containers, they shine at their best in the spotlight of a sunny location where they will flower at length throughout the summer. You will find that they will have a stronger presence after the first year, once they feel at home. They are  perfect for long-lasting cut flower displays. We love the red, but Calla lilies don't stop there, you will find them in orange, yellow, green, pink and purple, a rainbow of colour.


Position: Full Sun - Half Shade

Colour: Red/Orange

Flowering period: Summer

Hardiness: Semi Hardy

Height: 40cm

Tuber Size: 25cm +

Planting period: From 1st frost to early summer

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