Zantedeschia 'Mango' (Calla Lily)
Zantedeschia 'Mango' (Calla Lily)

Zantedeschias (Calla lilies, Arum lilies, trumpet lilie or pig lilies), are one of nature's works of art. Breathtakingly beautiful but easy to grow. Zantedeschia add colour and drama with distinctive, funnel-shaped blooms, like upward-facing trumpets heralding the sunshine. Glorious bright orange spathes (petals) surround golden yellow/orange spadices within and are held up to 60 cm aloft by a sturdy green stem. The spathes arise boldly from lush, broad foliage which, rather than playing second fiddle to the flower, plays its own part as each deep green, arrow-shaped leaf sports tiny white speckling. 

Zantedeschias are native to South Africa so are used to hot and humid climates, they enjoy full sun or slight shade and originally found on the shores of lakes, they thrive in moist, well-drained soil, preferring clay or loam but any pH. They are particularly at home at a pond or stream edge but happy if not. Deer and rabbit leave these plants alone so they will provide colour and elegance to your borders or containers for weeks in Summer and into Autumn. 

Calla lilies are easy to grow from bulbs or rhizomes,  and come in a wide range of colours: purple, yellow white, green, pink, and orange.


Position: Full Sun - Half Shade

Colour: Orange

Flowering period: Summer

Hardiness: Semi Hardy

Height: 60cm

Bulb Size: 28cm +

Planting period: From 1st frost to early summer

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