Tulip 'Green Wave'

Tulip Green Wave is another viridiflora perennial that lends an air of the exotic to gardens and cut flower displays. The outer edges of these jagged petals are tinged with colour that ranges from subtle to a deep, bright pink, blending in to an ivory band running down the length of the petal, finally giving way to the green central band. 

The unique, green buds become petals of brilliant green, metamorphosing to this dramatically feathered pink edged petal centred with the tulip green band. Delicate, yet so very striking. Lasts well as a cut flower for vases and will perform in any well-drained soil, sheltered from heavy rain and winds. Another hardy perennial from the Parrot species. Plant bulbs from October to December for late April-May flowering.


Position: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Colour: Pink/Green 

Flowering period: Mid - Late Spring

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

Height: 55cm

Bulb Size: 12cm +

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Collections: Bulbs, Tulipa 'Tulips'

Product type: Spring Flowering Bulbs


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