Tulip 'Barbados'

Tulipa Barbados is a breathtaking tulip, fringed deep crimson red petals transform from the green of the closed bloom. The beauty of this flower is not just in the remarkable delicately 'incised' edges of each petal, the sweet fragrance of this flower is an added gift. 

Each 21 inch stem bears a single, magnificent tulip bloom. The striking, wide petals are edged with eye-catching, 'frills' around the periphery that certainly get this one noticed. Placed near the front of any border or in pots, this tulip variety enjoys its place in the spotlight. It will definitely benefit from shelter from winds heavy rain. If you choose to cut them, do so as they begin to unfurl. 



This tulip read the invite when it said, 'Dress to impress' 


Position: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Colour: Red - Fringed

Flowering period: Early Spring

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

Height: 60cm

Bulb Size: 12cm +

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Collections: Bulbs, Tulipa 'Tulips'

Product type: Spring Flowering Bulbs


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