Allium 'karataviense'
Allium 'karataviense'

Allium karataviense can reach 50 cm in height, not the tallest of the Alliums. This little gem of a herbaceous perennial has broad, pale grey-blue paired leaves at the base, and as if that isn't exctiting enough, karataviense leaves sport a purple tinge above and beneath. Perhaps the stars of the show are the star-shaped, pinkish-white flowers, held aloft by leafless stems that will grace the air above your border. Each delicate flower is finely balanced on a short stalk within the spherical cluster, a true beauty.

Planting tips: Plant these bulbs in clusters and add grit to the soil, Alliums do not like being waterlogged.

Position: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Colour: Green and Pinky/Purple

Flowering period: May to June

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height: 25cm

Bulb Size: 12/14 

Good for Pollinators? Yes

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Product type: Spring Flowering Bulbs


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