Allium 'Caeruleum'

Allium caeruleum is a stunning ball of azure blue. This perennial has narrow leaves which tend to retreat as the flower appears. Allium caeruleum is a more compact variety, composed of starry blue flowers forming rounded clusters from the beginning of Summer. The caeruleum doesn't enjoy a waterlogged soil so would benefit from a little grit added to the soil when planting.

After its May to June flowering the skeletal seed head provides an autumn spectacle. Allium caeruleum are also known as Allium azureum, and Allium caeruleum azureum. They are easy to grow and don't require much attention. Perfect for borders and add a 'wow factor' to cut flower displays. 

Allium is the Latin word for garlic, they were thus named because of the strong garlic scent.

Position: Full Sun - Partial Shade

Colour: Blue

Flowering period: May to June

Hardiness: Fully hardy

Height: 80cm

Bulb Size: 5/6 

Pollinator Friendly: Yes

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Product type: Spring Flowering Bulbs


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