Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island date palm

Phoenix canariensis, the Canary Island date palm is a striking evergreen palm that brings the tropics to your garden. This palm grows to tree-like proportions of around 15 metres, the stout trunk supports pinnate, narrow darkest green leaves that form arches reaching 5 metres in length.  Panicles (many branched) of yellow flowers appear in Summer. Flowers are followed by red/yellow fruits the shape of kiwis in the autumn.

Canary Island date palm has much to offer, it thrives in a loamy, well-drained, neutral or acidic soil. The small leaflets that grow near the base do tend to be a bit sharp so planting this date palm at the back or centre of borders is a good idea. Borders or pots and very little maintenance make the Phoenix an impressive addition to your garden.

Family: Arecaceae
Genus: Phoenix
Pot Size: 17 cm
Colour: Green 
Plant height: 80/90 cm 
Plant time: Any
Height: 12m
Spread: 5m
Plant distance: 100 cm
Soil: Well Drained
Pruning: Don't cut back

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