Passiflora caerulea- Passion Flower

Passiflora caerulea, the blue passion flower is as exotic as its name suggests. July to September brings showy flowers of purple and white that look like complex structures from another world. The flowers are followed by bright orange/yellow fruit. A vigorous climber, this dense, semi-evergreen will enthusiastically cover surfaces with deep green leaves, lobed or simple in shape. Tendrils will twine and hold on to surfaces to aid climbing of up to 12 metres tall and 4 metre spread if allowed. 

Passiflora, or passion flower prefers a sunny location in chalk, sand or loam in soil of any pH. Plant in a sheltered spot against a South or West facing structure. Prune in early spring and cover in harsh winter climates.



Family: Passifloraceae

Genus: Passiflora

Pot Size: 1.5 Litre

Colour: Orange/Green 

Plant height: 60 cm Inc pot

Plant time: May/June

Height: 12m

Spread: 4m

Soil: Well Drained but moist

Pruning: Cut back late spring 

Flowers: June - Sept

Hardy: Semi 

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