Abyssinian Red Banana Plant - Ensete ventricosum maurelii

Abyssinian banana is from the Musaceae family, they are becoming 'all the rage' in the UK, we know why, Ensete ventricosum maurelii are exciting.

This bronze/green magnificent summer bedding plant is becoming increasingly popular across the UK. Its in-built entertainment includes the speed of growth as the huge bronze/green leaves grow like Jack's beanstalk. Abyssinian banana does need to be thoughtfully planted, it needs space, it will spread up to a metre and grow to around two metres tall, it needs warmth from the sun so South or West facing and shelter from winds, those leaves are very big. have we mentioned the Abyssinian banana is big?

Abyssinian Banana, Ensete ventricosum would look 'at home' in tropical themed garden, it's original home was North and Central Africa, the UK is quite going to feel quite different! It's thick, leafy trunk can be the centre piece to a bed of bright colours like the Cannas, Kniphofia and other tropical plants. 

Plant this beauty in May or June and keep well watered , feed fortnightly with fertiliser rich in nitrogen, and enjoy the spectacle. Cut back in the Autumn and dig up to move the plants indoors for the winter.  If that's impossible you should get away with mulching and wrapping it up warm for the winter months if you are in the warmer parts of the UK.  You will be rewarded with the growth of your banana plant from late spring. Expect impressive growth!


Family: Banana

Genus: Musa

Pot Size: 13cm

Colour: Red/Green 

Plant height: 40 cm 

Plant time: May/June

Height: 3m

Spread: 2m

Plant distance: 30 cm

Soil: Well-drained, moist

Pruning: Cut back Autumn


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