Calamondin Orange Tree
Calamondin orange trees are not going to make your fortune in marmalade production as they are largely ornamental, but they can make you happy. This pretty tree is most content in a conservatory or greenhouse, it will reward you with pretty white flowers followed by small, bright orange fruit. As exciting and eye-catching as they are, the fruits are unfortunately inedible as they are rather too sour. Flowers produce a fabulous citrus aroma, this little tree has a lot to offer.
We have some tricks up our sleeves to help you get the most from your Calamondin tree. If you refrain from watering until the leaves wilt, you will force the plant to bloom. As soon as the blooms arrive water well.  This bushy plant is easy to grow and the miniature varieties like the Calamondin make a great conservatory  feature or gift. The Calamondin can be grown outdoors in the right conditions.   

Family: Orange

Genus: Citrofortunella

Pot Size: 2 Litre

Colour: Orange/Green 

Plant height: 50 cm Inc pot

Plant time: May/June

Height: 1m

Spread: 30cm

Soil: Well Drained but moist

Pruning: Cut back late spring and late summer


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